GIRLS SESSIONS (Choose three)

Mean Girls
Learn how to deal with THAT girl. Assertive isn’t a bad trait. It’s when it turns MEAN that changes things. Girls will be educated on the impact that their behavior has on their peers and though group activities will learn how to deal with conflict and cope with relationships in a healthy way.

A Girls Guide to the Digital World
Cyberbullying. De-friending. Sexting. Mean Tweeting. These terms represent a new concern that girls have to deal with daily: digital drama. Girls’ self-esteem and confidence can be impacted immensely as they navigate social media and contend with these issues.

Be confident. Be Glamorous. Be Gorgeous. Be Yourself! Learn how to take care of your skin, wear the right make-up colors and dress for your body type. This session includes a mini-makeover with some basic tips and tricks!

Girls in the Lead
This interactive session gets girls to explore conflict resolution, communication and leadership skills. Through numerous engaging exercises girls will learn how to interact in the world with personal authority and integrity.

Miss Manners and Social Savvy
Did you even wonder why the fork goes to the left of your plate or why your napkin is supposed to always be on your lap? Learn why it’s important to always send a Thank You card. This interactive session teaches manners and social grace to young girls. This session includes a question and answer period for manners or etiquette topics. These girls will be fit for a queen.

Self Defense 101
Have you ever wanted to try martial arts? Come join in the fun during this learning workshop where Miss Marv will teach you some techniques and basic moves to protect yourself and how to be mindful of your surroundings.
Please wear appropriate comfortable clothing. This workshop requires physical activity.

Empower is a Verb
Healthy choices lead to healthy relationships.  Knowing your boundaries and embracing them will help you to make better decisions in life that can help your mind, body and soul in the future.

Adventures in Yoga Land
Follow the Pink Glitter Trail to YogaLand, where everything is Pink AND Perfect!  Join author, speaker and TV celebrity Acharya Khadi Madama for an interactive workshop in this springboard event for her new book:  Gracie's Adventures in YogaLand, Where Everything is Pink AND Perfect.  Gracie is an unhappy teen, but through a series of Pink "happenings" while meeting magical pink animals, she learns a new way of looking at things.  You've got it--through rose colored glasses!  Join in the fun.  All girls will receive a Pink Yoga Bling favor bag.  Remember-Think Pink!

What's the deal?
What's the deal?  "Will my friends like me if...?" , "Should I tell my parents?"
Girls have a strong need to belong, to be liked and to please both parents and friends.  Increasing self-awareness will help alleviate some of the pressure on children to grow up to quickly and yield to peer pressure.  EthiKids gives girls an opportunity to strengthen relationships and establish a pattern of trust, honesty and openness.  The course is designed specifically by real life questions and answers.

Girls ROCK!
Dancing is good for the soul. Girls will have the opportunity to learn some new and exciting dance moves. There is something to be learned for all levels. No dancing experience necessary.

What’s up with HIM?
The real deal on boys! Learn why boys act they way they do. What impresses them or not? This workshop will help you to value yourself, feel equipped, educated and will focus on what a healthy relationship looks like and how you can build your self-confidence and self-esteem.


KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Navigating the Teen Years
Presented by: Randy Nathan, MSW, PCC

The Velco Advantage: How to Stay Connected With Your Loopy Tween/Teen
Is your tween/teen pulling away from you? Does it leave you feeling worried and wondering what to do? Come discover how to secure the type of relationship you want to have with your daughter.

The Cyber Connection – The ABC’s of Sexting and Texting
Learn the real truth about what girls are doing with their phones and instant message chat sessions. This workshop goes undercover and shows you the “texting” language that exists through the use of letters and symbols. To many moms and mentors these terms may seem like a foreign language. To girls, however, these words represent a new concern that they have to deal with daily: digital drama. Girls’ self-esteem and confidence can be impacted immensely as they navigate social media and contend with these issues.

Beyond Success – Redefining the Meaning of Prosperity
This workshop will discuss the importance of attention and its relationship to parenting. Parents will learn strategies on how to harness their attention in order to improve and deepen their communication with their children. The end result of the workshop will be to help attendees become better listeners by understanding the power of giving their attention to their children. Attendees will understand the difference between true listening and simply waiting to talk.

BULLYING- Learn the Facts
Lets talk about bullying. This session will open your heart and help you to understand what can happen when a child is bullied and what you can do to influence your child’s behavior. Bullying has been around for many years but recently has caught the media attention due to the increased suicide rates and states passing anti-bullying acts like in Massachusetts and NJ. Bullying is a serious issue that happens at all ages even as early as pre-school.  Whether your child is being bullied, you know someone who is being bullied or might suspect your child is the bully, this workshop is for you.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The Types of bullying
  • The signs your child is being bullied
  • What if your child is the bully
  • Ways to talk to your child about bullying

Breaking Free from Emotions that Hold Us Hostage
Emotions are often like prison cells – they lock us up, keeping us hostage from personal success and happiness. This workshop explores strategies for guiding you to grant yourself a pardon from the five Hostage Emotions - guilt, anger, worry, fear and resentment.