Who We Are


GALS is a non-profit organization that promotes community awareness of teen relationship abuse and educates and supports young girls through interactive, educational workshops, designed to foster a positive self-image and increase self-esteem.

GALS Bill of Rights:
  • I have the right to love and be myself
  • I have the right to be loved
  • I have the right to live like there is no tomorrow
  • I have the right to uniquely express myself
  • I have the right to make mistakes
  • I have the right to take reasonable risks
  • I have the right to accept and appreciate my body
  • I have the right to have confidence in myself
  • I have the right to feel safe in the world
  • I have the right to stand up for myself when others attempt to hurt me
  • I have the right to follow my passion in life and take pride in my successes
  • I have the right to be independent of anyone else
  • I have the right to educate myself for a career of my choice and to have financial independence

GALS is committed to helping improve self-esteem of girls and educate them concerning the issues surrounding teen relationship abuse. It is our belief that by helping girls become more aware of the warning signs of abuse and the resources available to help them, they will be less likely to become victims themselves.

Leslie Quarnaccio, Founder

Our Commitment

Girls and Lifelong Strategies Inc. is making a difference in the lives of girls in your local community by:
  • Educating youth through workshops in both school and out of school settings
  • Educating the community on issues facing our teens on dating abuse and self-esteem
  • Educating and engaging teen influencers such as parents/caregivers, teachers and other mentors
  • Supporting Local community projects for other service organizations
  • Encouraging community volunteerism